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WELCOME TO IAQ HEALTH Technology For Better Indoor Air Quality

WELCOME TO IAQ HEALTH Technology For Better Indoor Air Quality

Clean Air Environments Are essential for health and productivity

We provide real-time monitoring, engineering services, and technology to improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of communicable diseases in occupied spaces.


Comprehensive technologies for clean air in occupied indoor spaces

Advancements in data collection using IAQ sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), air purification and disinfection technologies have dramatically improved our ability to affect building occupants’ performance, and productivity.

Our Eco Suite of products combines CDC and ASHRAE-approved and emerging IAQ technologies:

  • IAQ Sensors
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Robotic Vacuums
  • HEPA filtration
  • Ionization

Connecting these devices to the Internet Of Things, (IoT), allows for AI evaluation and automation for the reduction of airborne toxins, pathogens, and mold.  Technology can help make and monitor the air we inhale in crowded spaces cleaner, and more oxygenated, which turns on a tired brain and fatigued body.

Eco Suite Products

Tailored solutions to meet your unique
building, budget, and biosafety needs

  • IAQ Sensors
    Monitor and control
  • Ultraviolet lights
    Active Air Disinfection
  • Smarter HEPA
    Ultrasmall Particle Removal
  • Ionization (link)
    Air Purification
  • Robotic Vacuums
    Surface Vacuuming And Mop
  • Building Assessment
    Virtual With DIY Testing And Visual Onsite
  • Mold Testing And Remediation
    Air, Surface And Dust, DNA And Direct Microscopy
  • Air Duct Inspections And Cleaning
    HVAC And Air Duct, Dust And Mold Remediation
  • IAQ Products Engineering And Installation
    Engineering Audit For Eco-Suite Products
  • Janitorial Small-Particle Removal And Disinfection
    Air And Surface Small Particle Removal, Fogging And Germicidal Ultra Violet Lamps
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Sensors, Indoor, Outdoor Environmental Data For IAQ And More
  • Training IAQ And PM
    Virtual And On Site Training On Eco Suite Products
  • Certifications
    International Well Building Institute, LEEDS, RESNET, IAQ Health
Our sensors provide actionable information on air quality, lighting, noise, occupancy, virus, and mold risk. Collecting data on your indoor environment by installing wireless, cloud-based sensors provide real-time insight into the pollutant levels, mold, and communicable disease risk in your occupied spaces.

Through our cloud-based dashboard reports, graphs, and alerts can be automatically generated while AI simultaneously evaluates mold and viral risks. This actionable information when connected to Building Automated Systems (BAS) signals HVAC systems to adjust air changes per hour (ACH), which reduces pollutant concentrations.

Biosafety Technology

Smart and connected devices

Our approach combines technologies to meet your unique needs, which may include ultraviolet germicidal lamps, HEPA filtration, ionization, IAQ sensors, and more. Modern buildings require an eco-suite of active air disinfecting technologies capable of automatically monitoring and remediating indoor air pollutants.

Smart IoT products working together create an ecosystem that disinfects air and surfaces of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and mold, reduces respirable particle mater, and chemical concentrations, and removes the biofilm on the HVAC evaporator coils eliminating this necessary yet often overlooked messy and time-consuming maintenance task.


Strategies for clean air

Your path to success includes assessment, remediation, upgrades, quality control and monitoring.

Better Quality Of Life

Combining science and experience we move forward to increase productivity by removing hidden environmental stressors.

With over 30 years of experience in creating healthy buildings, our ergonomic consultants are here to assist you in combining sensor technology with air purification devices. This layering of IAQ technologies and services are proven to level up indoor air quality.

To re-occupy our buildings, we need to hurdle some invisible challenges such as communicable diseases, hidden mold, ultrasmall respirable particles, and odorless chemicals, which combine to create environments that are counterproductive. 

Focus, flow, cognitive performance, and emotional flexibility are skills necessary for today’s corporate athletes, and they are all enhanced by clean, fresh, oxygenated, indoor air quality.

Act now to improve your IAQ Health, productivity, and energy efficiency by installing sensors and monitoring your IAQ hazards then implementing IAQ Health Eco Suite strategies that prevent, neutralize, and remove invisible, odorless, airborne pollutants from your occupied spaces, making them conducive to health, problem-solving, creativity, and safe social interaction.

The reduction in absenteeism and healthcare insurance costs is an enriching benefit. Also, the achievement of these goals aligns your building with the International Well-Built Inst. (IWBI) certifications that are held by 20% of Fortune 500 businesses.

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