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The science and art of understanding the client’s needs, revealing hidden hazards, assessing HVAC and environmental control equipment, capabilities, and conditions, then generating a pictorial report, and plan of action.

Knowing Where To Start

IAQ assessments start with understanding occupants needs and challenges, providing visual assessments, which may include mold and chemical testing.  In addition to real-time data logging for various indoor and outdoor air quality and environmental parameters.

With our experience and understanding of building science, occupants’ needs, indoor and outdoor environmental assessment sensor data and the HVAC system your IAQ Health consultant can develop a plan of action based on science, your needs, current capabilities and budget.

Each building is unique.  However, HVAC systems for temperature and humidity control are basic components of modern buildings.  Dealing with moisture, mold, excessive CO2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and respirable particulates are some of the common challenges in today’s commercial and residential buildings.  Discovering these hidden health hazards, documenting their trends and discovering the cause-and-effect relationship with poor air quality are all part of the IAQ Health assessment process. 

We Find Moisture And Hidden Mold Hazardous

Assessment Process

  • We start with a building science approach and collect real-time and historical data in conjunction with visual assessment and testing as needed.
  • During the initial consultation, we will gather insight on the occupant’s comfort level and concerns.
  • Based on your goals and needs we may install indoor air quality and environmental sensors strategically in your commercial building or home.
  • Visual assessment of the building in conjunction with mold and environmental testing.
  • Organizing inspection finding and real-time data from two weeks to a months’ worth of sensor collected data.
  • Interpreting the findings, laboratory results and data logging trends we generate a report and plan of action outline.
  • On-site or virtual meeting to present the findings, recommendations, itemized estimate, and Q&A.
  • Report includes next step progression summary, phase 2 remediation, phase 3 quality control phase 4 ongoing monitoring.

Assessment Benefits

  • Clear understanding of concerns, objectives, and plan of action generation.
  • Insight into the condition of environmental controls and maintenance
  • Understanding of the IAQ Health Eco-Suite products necessary to meet your needs for indoor air quality and or communicable disease and mold risk reduction.
  • Assessment services can be performed during normal business hours.


Strategies for clean air

Your path to success includes assessment, remediation, upgrades, quality control and monitoring.

Better Quality Of Life

Combining science and experience we move forward to increase productivity by removing hidden environmental stressors.

With over 30 years of experience in creating healthy buildings, our ergonomic consultants are here to assist you in combining sensor technology with air purification devices. This layering of IAQ technologies and services are proven to level up indoor air quality.

To re-occupy our buildings, we need to hurdle some invisible challenges such as communicable diseases, hidden mold, ultrasmall respirable particles, and odorless chemicals, which combine to create environments that are counterproductive. 

Focus, flow, cognitive performance, and emotional flexibility are skills necessary for today’s corporate athletes, and they are all enhanced by clean, fresh, oxygenated, indoor air quality.

Act now to improve your IAQ Health, productivity, and energy efficiency by installing sensors and monitoring your IAQ hazards then implementing IAQ Health Eco Suite strategies that prevent, neutralize, and remove invisible, odorless, airborne pollutants from your occupied spaces, making them conducive to health, problem-solving, creativity, and safe social interaction.

The reduction in absenteeism and healthcare insurance costs is an enriching benefit. Also, the achievement of these goals aligns your building with the International Well-Built Inst. (IWBI) certifications that are held by 20% of Fortune 500 businesses.

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