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Energy Efficiency

When you use energy efficiency you save money and reduce your carbon footprint, and both are an investment in our future.

Air Conditioning And Lighting Are Expensive

One of the biggest uses of energy in the average commercial building and home is the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).  Maintaining the HVAC filters and cooling coil reduces airflow resistance making it more efficient to move air for heating, ventilating, cooling, and drying in your office or home.

Using sensors to indicate pressure drop and particulate bypass can tell when to change the air filters, so they don’t get too clogged and restrict air movement.  Particulate matter bypassing the filter can get stuck, load up and reduce airflow through the coil.

The coil which is designed to remove moisture from the air will over time produce a biofilm from bacteria and mold that helps particles stick to the coil.  This combination of biofilm development and adhesion of particles requires routine preventative maintenance to keep clean.  Coil maintenance is time-consuming, requires specific techniques and equipment, and is often not performed adequately resulting in reduced airflow, increased energy costs, and microbial growth.

UV lamps properly installed irradiate the coil and surface downstream of the coil preventing the buildup of biofilm, maintaining proper airflow, and reducing maintenance costs.  The use of ultraviolet light within the HVAC system has been proven over decades and is CDC and ASHRAE-approved as an effective technology for improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Residential HVAC systems are notorious for having internal insulation called duct liners downstream of the coil, resulting in the collection of moisture, particulates from filter bypass, and extensive mold growth.  This mold reservoir could have been prevented if the system was cleaned, properly filtered, and had UV light shining on the coil and downstream of the coil.  This configuration would make the system more energy efficient while improving indoor air quality and reducing preventative maintenance and health issues.

Energy Star

Appliances such as HEPA air filters, dehumidifiers, ventilators, and robotic vacuum cleaners are devices that improve indoor air quality, are Energy Star approved, and can be operated in energy-efficient ways.  The robotic vacuums, HEPA air filters, and dehumidifiers can be attached to sensors, so they only run when needed and at times when energy costs are less.  For example, robotic HEPA vacuum cleaners can clean and recharge at night, for convenience and reduced cost.


Strategies for clean air

Your path to success includes assessment, remediation, upgrades, quality control and monitoring.

Better Quality Of Life

Combining science and experience we move forward to increase productivity by removing hidden environmental stressors.

With over 30 years of experience in creating healthy buildings, our ergonomic consultants are here to assist you in combining sensor technology with air purification devices. This layering of IAQ technologies and services are proven to level up indoor air quality.

To re-occupy our buildings, we need to hurdle some invisible challenges such as communicable diseases, hidden mold, ultrasmall respirable particles, and odorless chemicals, which combine to create environments that are counterproductive. 

Focus, flow, cognitive performance, and emotional flexibility are skills necessary for today’s corporate athletes, and they are all enhanced by clean, fresh, oxygenated, indoor air quality.

Act now to improve your IAQ Health, productivity, and energy efficiency by installing sensors and monitoring your IAQ hazards then implementing IAQ Health Eco Suite strategies that prevent, neutralize, and remove invisible, odorless, airborne pollutants from your occupied spaces, making them conducive to health, problem-solving, creativity, and safe social interaction.

The reduction in absenteeism and healthcare insurance costs is an enriching benefit. Also, the achievement of these goals aligns your building with the International Well-Built Inst. (IWBI) certifications that are held by 20% of Fortune 500 businesses.

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