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A healthy home has never been so important and making it healthy has never been so easy. We assess your home, discover hidden health hazards, address IAQ, and mold remediation challenges, and provide continuous real-time IAQ monitoring.

The IAQ Health Eco-Suite is a customized service that improves your indoor air and water quality, reduces your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), reveals your solar energy potential, and improves energy efficiency, heating, cooling, and humidity comfort.

Our service includes inspections to discover your home’s hidden moisture, mold, chemical, and EMF health hazards.  Our customized automated air purification, ventilation, dehumidification, and cleaning technologies transform your tight, yet congested sick building into a healthy home.

IAQ Health Eco-Suite

The IAQ Health Eco-Suite uses multiple technologies to improve IAQ and reduce pathogen exposure risk by layering devices.  This layering concept comes from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) because it’s proven to be significantly more effective than a single-device approach.

We customize a layered approach to reveal undetected contaminants in your indoor air and automatically initiate the neutralization and removal process to reduce inhalation of pathogens and pollutants for your air, surfaces and air ducts.

The eco-suite is a treasure chest of technologies that work synergistically.  Such as IAQ sensors, HEPA filters, HEPA robotic vacuums, germicidal ultraviolet lights, high-efficiency furnace filters, fresh air ventilation systems, whole house humidity control, and more.

Using technology to automatically monitor and hygienically clean the air you breathe, flooring and HVAC systems, and air ducts is a modern necessity and delightful benefit to living in our modern yet polluted world.

Healthy, Hygienic, And Low Maintenance

A healthy home has no mold in the HVAC system and has filtered fresh air ventilation, and humidity control uses HEPA air filters and HEPA vacuums that autonomously clean the air and surfaces simultaneously in your home.  This low-maintenance approach makes your life easier and healthier for your family.  This service is delightfully easy and profoundly important. The IAQ Health Eco-Suite enhances your indoor air quality and helps you maintain a healthy and hygienic home by layering products for automatic ventilation, air purification, and cleaning

AI & IoT

IAQ Health uses AI (artificial intelligence) to analyze data from our internet of things (IoT) connected devices such as sensors, UV lamps, HEPA filters, HEPA robotic vacuums, dehumidifiers, and more.

Our eco-suite of IoT-connected devices monitors and enhances your indoor environment by automating the neutralization of pathogens and mold spores.  Installing and reviewing the sensor’s data is a simple, and easy process.  And your IAQ consultant is just a phone call or click away for advice.

Better Late Than Never

It’s past time to remediate indoor air quality issues and live in a healthy home.
Contact us now and let’s get you started on customizing your IAQ Health Eco-Suite

If you don’t act now, then when?; as the toxic load in your home and body is increasing, resulting in modern diseases, cognitive decline, lack of energy, and poor sleep.

Are you living in a “Sick Building”

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) occurs when there is poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupants feel better when not in the house.

Odor is often undetectable, as our olfactory nerves quickly become overstimulated and numb to low levels of odors.

Ventilation is often not sufficient to dilute the concentration of chemicals, mold spores, and ultra-small particles in the air.  Chemicals off-gassing from building material, cleaning, and personal products make the air congested with low levels of chemicals yet with each breath your body’s toxic load increases.

A tight home without effective ventilation is likely what you are living in.  Ask yourself “where is my ventilation system”?  Most people assume it’s connected to the central air or HVAC systems, but it’s not standard equipment.

Hidden mold is common and bad news.  The first place to look is downstream of the coil and in the air ducts.  If you don’t have clean air ducts, use a highly efficient filter, UV light on the coil, and have sealed air ducts then you likely have mold growth that is releasing toxic spores, and fragments into your air and combining with house dust and making you feel funky (congested, runny nose, light headache)  when house cleaning

Studies from over thirty years of home inspections from IES show 9 out of 10 homes have mold growth in the HVAC system.  Hidden mold growth can lead to serious short and long-term health issues. 

Inhalation of common indoor pollutants and small particles can affect the brain and nervous system, causing inflammation, irritation, tired eyes, and drowsiness resulting in the underutilization of cognitive, creative, and problem-solving capabilities. The reduction in focus and productivity from common air pollutants is astounding, heartbreaking, mind-numbing, and unnecessary.

Foot traffic introduces pesticides, such as Glyphosate and mold spores onto your entryway door mats, then carpets, furniture, and bedding, which cause sneezing, congestion, headaches, brain fog, and more.  Sick Buildings Syndrome (SBS) is very common in old and new homes and can lead to Building-Related Illness.

Building Related Illness

Building-related illnesses (BRI) are common for people living in SBS homes.  Living even for a short time with hidden moisture, mold, chemical, and EMF issues can make a person ill.  BRI includes Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which require strict avoidance and complicated detox and rejuvenation lifestyles.

Let’s Get Started

Now is a good time to use technology to monitor and automatically adjust your environment for improved IAQ.  The IAQ Health Eco-Suite uses CDC-approved and emerging technologies for controlling your IAQ and quickly neutralizing pathogens in the air, on surfaces, and in the HVAC systems.  Contact us now for a free assessment of your city drinking water and simple biotoxin test you can do online.

Let’s talk about how you save money with virtual inspections and do-it-yourself (DIY testing) for mold, chemicals, and electromagnets fields (EMF).  It sounds like a lot, we know, but this is your health and well-being that is at stake! We make the process easy and more affordable.  The results typically include better sleep, increased energy, feeling happier, and fewer allergies equal less morning congestion and illness.  Living in a healthy home is fantastic because it calms your nervous system, supports your immune system, and it emotionally feels great!

We invite you to give us a call for a free interview
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IAQ Consultant

IAQ Health ergonomic consultant to the rescue! We provide the expertise needed to achieve optimized indoor air, and water quality and reduced exposure to EMF.  We have been in business for over 30 yrs., providing healthy home eco-suite services.  Our training and experience make us uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of assessment, remediation, and ongoing monitoring.

The path to a healthy home is to test and layer technologies that reduce your maintenance time and costs while creating a hygienic environment that can be certified and monitored for ongoing quality control and occupant confidence

Phase 1

We reveal hidden health hazards and create a plan of action that meets your needs and budget.  Typically, we start by installing IAQ sensors in your home, followed by inspections and testing of your home by our national network of local experts.

The inspections can include tests of your air, water, and EMF. We can inspect the HVAC system, living areas, crawlspace, attic, rainwater diversion, outdoor air environmental exposure risk, such as location to auto and jet traffic pollution, golf course herbicides, forest fires smoke, and more. 

We offer DNA testing of mold, and pathogenic bacteria in your house dust and HVAC system, and testing for contaminants in your drinking water and over 500 chemicals in your home’s air.  Testing for exposure to EMF is especially valuable for people with mold and chemical sensitivities.

The data collected is presented in a science-based data-driven report, providing the strategy for optimizing your indoor environment.  The proposed plan of action is prioritized, itemized, and scheduled according to your needs, availability, and budget.

Phase 2

We fix what’s broken. We may start by fixing the hidden HVAC moisture and mold issues and increasing the quality and quantity of filtered fresh air into your home sweet home to reduce chemical and particle concentrations.  Typically, we also fix attic, crawlspace, and utility room moisture, mold, chemical, ventilation, filtration, and maintenance-associated challenges.

Phase 3:

We monitor, 24/7 your IAQ so you have confidence in the operations of your IAQ Health Eco-Suite of products and the effectiveness of the routine house cleaning so your home stays sweet 😊.

Your manual of IAQ Health Eco-Suite products is a nice touch, which if you ever sell your home can significantly increase the attractiveness and resale value to health-conscious buyers.  At this point you will be familiar with your IAQ dashboard and that green means good, orange means act now, and red is a warning level.  If your IAQ changes, we are always just a call/text/email away, and can quickly review your online data, consult, and assist in getting you back to green.

Call now for better health, efficiency, and productivity.


Strategies for clean air

Your path to success includes assessment, remediation, upgrades, quality control and monitoring.

Better Quality Of Life

Combining science and experience we move forward to increase productivity by removing hidden environmental stressors.

With over 30 years of experience in creating healthy buildings, our ergonomic consultants are here to assist you in combining sensor technology with air purification devices. This layering of IAQ technologies and services are proven to level up indoor air quality.

To re-occupy our buildings, we need to hurdle some invisible challenges such as communicable diseases, hidden mold, ultrasmall respirable particles, and odorless chemicals, which combine to create environments that are counterproductive. 

Focus, flow, cognitive performance, and emotional flexibility are skills necessary for today’s corporate athletes, and they are all enhanced by clean, fresh, oxygenated, indoor air quality.

Act now to improve your IAQ Health, productivity, and energy efficiency by installing sensors and monitoring your IAQ hazards then implementing IAQ Health Eco Suite strategies that prevent, neutralize, and remove invisible, odorless, airborne pollutants from your occupied spaces, making them conducive to health, problem-solving, creativity, and safe social interaction.

The reduction in absenteeism and healthcare insurance costs is an enriching benefit. Also, the achievement of these goals aligns your building with the International Well-Built Inst. (IWBI) certifications that are held by 20% of Fortune 500 businesses.

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