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Mold Petri Plates & Consultation




Mold And Bacteria Kit – Pre-poured Agar Plates Kit

Each kit includes 10 pre-– poured agar plates, 10 cotton sticks, 2 plastic droppers, one bottle of water, and simple instructions.

Includes the following:

  • Virtual 30. minuet consultation for best testing locations and remediation strategies
  • Mold and mycotoxin health symptoms checklist
  • Options for clinical testing for mold and mycotoxin exposures
  • No chemical options for mold, yeast, mycotoxin and viral reduction

The advantages of using a petri plates for microbial testing is the low cost, quick response time, its so simple and you can do it yourself (DIY). All you need is the knowledge and the personal consulting is included.

Disadvantage are they only grow viable spores, and depending on how the sampling is done it may not be exact enough for some situation. Therefore knowing how to sample and how to interpret the result is important for success and that’s why a consultation is included.

The goal is to improve the quality of your life and we are here to help.


Simply place the petri plates throughout your home in areas where you have concerns about microbial growth such as mold or bacteria.

Spores that are able to reproduce can settle on the dish and and use the agar as nutrients for growth, and within days you can view the mold or bacterial growth in what’s called colony forming units (CFU). The cleaner your environment the less CFU will be on the dish.


You can test the air from your HVAC system by simply placing a petri plate over the supply register while the air is on.  With the air moving, if there’s any mold growth and viable spores in the ductwork they can be impacted onto the petri plate agar and you will see growth in a few days.


We love to cuddle with our pets, however if they are indoor outdoor animals they are likely bringing mold spores into your home and cross contaminating your doormats, carpets, favorite chair, bedding, etc.  If that’s the case then how do you know if your brushing or bathing them is effective at removing mold spores. Simply patting their fur with a petri plate before and after brushing or bathing will show you how effective your pet cleaning process is.


Not everyone is enthusiastic about housecleaning.  But when you’re doing before and after testing its motivational and informative.  Sampling with petri plates before you clean and after is a simple DIY way to confirm the effectiveness of the housecleaning.


For some people molds can produce an allergic reaction, and infect their skin, nails, sinuses, lungs, G.I. tract and even the brain.  Molds that produce mycotoxins can be found in water damaged buildings, HVAC systems, sink & tub drains and come in from outside on our shoes and pets fur.

Knowing if mold is growing in your home or where the spores reside can help you in creating a healthy home. Creating a healthy home is something that we all need to work on because there are a lot of environmental stressors out there.

Mold and bacterial overgrowth are environmental stressors that you can fix.  But 1st you need to know if there’s a problem or not and petri plates are an easy DIY way to see the invisible.


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