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About Us

IAQ Health provides consultation, installation, and real-time monitoring of your indoor air quality. We layer IAQ products and services that improve the effectiveness of buildings and the health of the occupants, resulting in improved alertness, focus, and productivity.

About Us

As a team, we help people optimize their health by creating indoor environments that are conducive to vibrant health, focus, and flow.

IAQ Health is part of the McLeodLife joint enterprise that is focused on helping others optimize their health by assessing and enhancing their environments, detoxing their bodies, and developing a lifestyle that is supportive of focus, flow, and joy.  

Our ergonomic consultants customize an eco-suite of technology to autonomously improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of communicable diseases in occupied spaces.  Our real-time 24/7 cloud-based monitoring, controlled through artificial intelligence activates internet of things devices, which provide environmental monitoring, air cleaning, disinfection, ventilation, and more.  The installation of IAQ devices best suited for your situation and automated for activity are necessary modern-day tools you can employ now.

Fix IAQ Issues

IAQ Health is not locked into a single technology or company.  Our expansive view requires that we keep a pulse on emerging technologies, and their efficacy and match appropriate devices to meet our client’s needs.  To improve value, we layer technologies under the guidance of the CDC, EPA, and ASHRAE.  For quality control, we refer to our training, experience, real-time monitoring, and the International Well-Built Association standards, International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illnesses recommendations for IAQ, and more.

As the IAQ Health story goes, once upon a time, in the 1980s, McLeod’s focus was on improving indoor air quality, workplace, and manufacturing ergonomics.  At that time American society was experiencing Sick Building Syndrome because in the US building codes were changed to make buildings tighter and more energy efficient.  This reduced building ventilation and caused an increase in toxins and CO2 in the indoor air.  Also, computers and cell phones were going mainstream, and pollution from fossil fuel combustion, an abundance of chemicals, some being “forever chemicals”, and the extensive use of agricultural chemicals such as glyphosate have provided fodder for a modern society, but at unforeseen health and environmental costs.

Humanity is ingenious with our use of plastic, yet we continuously pollute, which results in the degradation and creation of nano plastics. Nano plastics are now inadvertently being ingested and inhaled worldwide into animals and humans. These are internal time bombs of toxic chemicals, exploding within, causing an increase in our body’s toxic loads.

Modern Muck

In the wake of society’s rapid trajectory, we have polluted our air, water, and soils.  We tend to work and live in tight yet sick buildings. Most Americans have a body and brain that has a high toxic load, making us feel sick, and tired, anxious, and distracted. 

The evolution of Sick Building Syndrome and Building-Related Illnesses have been compounded by exposure to unnatural electromagnetic fields, social media, and the distractions channeled through our always hungry-for-your-attention phones.  Social media marketing is scientifically engineered to distract and hijack our attention, which interrupts focus, flow, productivity, sense of accomplishment, and Joy.

Together We Can Do Better

IAQ Health is working to help us all progress.  Our purpose is to assist in improving your indoor air quality.  As we learn, implement, modify, and enjoy, we relay to others, in hope of positively impacting millions of people this year.  Our passion is to pass on the fruits of our labor by combining forces with caring, professional, health-conscious people and organizations.  We are an enterprise that improves basic foundational needs, by consulting, assessing, educating, implementing, and monitoring homes, and businesses with necessary environmental modifications, and practices necessary for our evolution.

We are thankful to many and look forward to working with you.

Steve, & Lori McLeod
Healthy Buildings With A
Low Carbon Footprint


Strategies for clean air

Your path to success includes assessment, remediation, upgrades, quality control and monitoring.

Better Quality Of Life

Combining science and experience we move forward to increase productivity by removing hidden environmental stressors.

With over 30 years of experience in creating healthy buildings, our ergonomic consultants are here to assist you in combining sensor technology with air purification devices. This layering of IAQ technologies and services are proven to level up indoor air quality.

To re-occupy our buildings, we need to hurdle some invisible challenges such as communicable diseases, hidden mold, ultrasmall respirable particles, and odorless chemicals, which combine to create environments that are counterproductive. 

Focus, flow, cognitive performance, and emotional flexibility are skills necessary for today’s corporate athletes, and they are all enhanced by clean, fresh, oxygenated, indoor air quality.

Act now to improve your IAQ Health, productivity, and energy efficiency by installing sensors and monitoring your IAQ hazards then implementing IAQ Health Eco Suite strategies that prevent, neutralize, and remove invisible, odorless, airborne pollutants from your occupied spaces, making them conducive to health, problem-solving, creativity, and safe social interaction.

The reduction in absenteeism and healthcare insurance costs is an enriching benefit. Also, the achievement of these goals aligns your building with the International Well-Built Inst. (IWBI) certifications that are held by 20% of Fortune 500 businesses.

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